Not Getting Attached If It Is A Casual Encounter

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Casual encounters can be a great way to fulfill your sexual needs without the complications of a relationship, this is one of the precepts of the swingers scene. While this sounds great, many people start to develop feelings for the person they are hooking up with. This can lead to devastating results and heartache. If you are wanting to participate in casual encounters, here are a few tips to help you stay unattached.

Don’t Hang Out

Try not to spend too much time together outside of the encounters. If you regularly meet up for sex, going out to dinner and movies, or other dates will just increase your odds of developing feelings. This doesn’t mean you can’t grab a bite to eat every now and then, just don’t make it a habit.

Don’t Hook Up Often

Meeting up for sex a few times a week may sound like a great idea, but then it’s just more time to develop feelings for the other person. Many people who are down for a casual encounter will have a few people they hook up with. This way they can alternate who they hook up with just to avoid the chance of developing feelings. If you hook up just once or twice a month you won’t have to worry as much about developing feelings.

Don’t Get Too Involved

If you start to get involved in their life, you will increase your chances of getting attached. This means don’t meet their friends, family, or anyone else that could be close with them. You don’t have to be completely distant, but don’t become overly involved in their lives.

Married Men Pretending To Be Single To Have Sex

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of married men that pretend to be single so that they can have sex with other people. This is something that is more common than a lot of people realise, it wouldn’t be so bad if they stuck to swingers sites where the membership are likely to be more open minded about having casual sex with married men.. You will find that there may be a few ways that you can tell if a man is married and if he is lying to you.


Of course there is always the telltale wedding ring that he is probably not wearing. Take a good look at his ring finger and see if it has a tan line. This is something that helps a lot of people know for sure if a man is married or not. Guys will usually at least take off the wedding band when they are going to have sex with somebody else but this does not mean it has not left its mark.


If you find yourself having a conversation about this guy, ask him about his house and who he lives with. If he is not very good at having affairs he will more than likely be pretty vague about where he lives and who he lives with. This is something that should be a big sign that he has a wife and maybe even kids. Also pay attention if he is too detailed in his description, he may be trying too hard to lie.


If he wants to get a hotel or is adamant about going to your place to have sex, then consider this to be suspicious.

Do Casual Relationships Turn Into Love Affairs

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A lot of people find themselves falling for people that they are in casual relationships with. This is something that can easily turn into a love affair if you are not careful. Being able to know whether or not this is something that you want will help you to know whether or not you should indulge these feelings, or if you should sweep them under the rug.

Serious VS Casual

A lot of people actually prefer a casual relationship to a serious one. This is basically because they will find themselves not having to worry as much about the stress and the drama of a relationship whenever they are casually dating. However, in a serious relationship you will have the security and the love part down. It is all in what you want and at what cost.


It can be really easy for you to find yourself developing feelings for a person if the sex is good. This means that a casual relationship may be something that you want to turn into more if the sex is really fun and enjoyable. However, you need to make sure that you are not just caught in the sex haze. Try to see yourself with this person later on after the early relationship sex is over with.


It is a good idea for you to make sure that you are careful with what you do with your feelings whenever you are in a casual relationship. You and your date need to be on the same page on where your feelings stay.